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*PUN ALERT* AFWL: Missing the letter U to spell the word AWFUL.

I arrived at three o’clock for the first show, as was printed on the website, to discover the first show was a two o’clock. Not cool. So I browsed the very limited number of stalls while I waited for the next show at four o’clock, which I had been advised to arrive early for to guarantee I got a seat. I had been led to believe the money I paid for my ticket would guarantee me a seat but tickets, apart from the £50 VIP tickets, were a complete con.

Apart from the VIP tickets there were standard £7 tickets with seating (so I thought) and a goody bag or “free tickets” which required you to book the shows you wanted to see with no seating available. Like many other people yesterday I bought the standard ticket to secure seating and get a goody bag. First of all the goody bag consisted of a few free magazines which seemed a little pathetic. Secondly and here’s the real con of it all, seating was not guaranteed but was first come, first served. However after all the VIP and press were seated no one was ‘served’ because all seats were taken. If I hadn’t been seated but some of my fellow standard ticket holders had been I would feel a little more forgiving, but every single person who bought a standard ticket wasted their money. Furthermore, when realising that the shows were in a public space and passers-by could stop and watch I realised that the “free tickets” were simply made available so that people would be fooled into paying while those who didn’t wish to pay still came along. Definitely NOT COOL.

The stalls that were there were a little over priced considering that the event so nowhere near as official as one would have hoped. I was looking forward to some great jewellery and some clothing with a modern take on the African traditions and trends. However there were only two jewellery stalls and the clothing was quite traditional. Not something I, being freckly and blonde, could pull off.

After missing the first show and discovering that to stay for the third I would be on my feet for hours to come I felt that staying would only increase my anger and so I let my worthless £7 ticket go to waste and left. The show I did see was alright, although a lot of the clothing was dulled down with an African twist rather than modernised with current trends in and out of Africa. After missing the first show and watching the second I had no desire to stay for the third. Not only because it meant standing for another two hours or so, but because the models’ walks were painfully bad! I’m no model and I’m no size 0 but I have watched enough of America’s Next Top Model to know that all of those women had a bad walk and that I, without a doubt, could do a much better walk. They were bad, they were slow and they had no strut, no swag, no nothing!

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